St. Pauli and HSV to be the first soccer clubs to have their legendary derbies in the Metaverse. The city of Hamburg proves its understanding of blockchain technology and sets a leading example for all other sports clubs in the world to follow.

Soccer as a sports pioneer in the Metaverse

First and foremost, what is the Metaverse and how does it relate to soccer? As a starting point, a modest example of how the metaverse can already be perceived might be useful. The earliest Metaverse-like worlds can be seen in online games, such as Fortnite. This is also where Hamburg got its start. Why not have a real game of soccer in the Metaverse, with one of the most infamous and well-known derbies taking place?

Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Hamburg’s mayor, has summoned the president of football club St.Pauli Oke Göttlich, HSV executive committee member Jonas Boldt, and club president Marcell Jansen to a meeting organized around this forward-thinking concept.

Metaverse meeting in Hamburg

Following the meeting on March 15, 2022, it became evident that, in partnership with Sony, both soccer teams’ stadiums would be prepared in a virtual reality world (Metaverse). According to the most recent information, the first game would be held in Millerntor Stadium, which Sony claims can be constructed more swiftly.

With the development of stadiums in the Metaverse, the goal is to ensure that not only location-bound fans may enjoy the experience of a stadium visit, but that all fans around the world can as well. What better way to start off the Metaverse football season than with a city derby?

DFB and City Football Group making their first steps

The city of Hamburg and the German Football Association (DFB) weren’t the only ones who had ideas. As Nuria Tarre, Chief Marketing and Fan Engagement Office of the City Football Group, explains, ideas for a virtual stadium are being tinkered with in England as well. In the metaverse, the ManCity sports club intends to begin construction of the world’s first soccer stadium. So we’ll see which virtual soccer world gives us the first glimpse of a stadium and match.

This initiative demonstrates that when rivalries are set aside in particular undertakings and people work together to build something greater and more meaningful, collaboration works and everyone benefits. In the future, the city of Hamburg, as well as HSV and St.Pauli, hope to welcome you as a guest of a Metaverse Football match.

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Still reading? That means the BLOCKCHANCE team got your reading this far and caught your attention… Well, then it is a good time to let you know that this is a futuristic and wishful thought, which hopefully will come reality at some point, until then HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

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