We have seen the rise and fall of thousands of blockchain projects over the last couple of years. Some have prospered and gained traction and support to prove the viability of their product offering for a considerable period of time. For others, not short enough it was.

Despite the fact that the blockchain market still resembles the Wild West, in-depth analysis of the newfangled industry proves that some factors seem to be universal for projects willing to survive both financially and socially in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

Lay Of The Land

The slump of the crypto market has proven that interest in speculative coins has plummeted. The bitter experience of the last few years has irrevocably tied boastful promises with scams, and shown that ill reputational image is not easy to erase.

On the other hand, mass adoption is being fostered by the proverbial giants of the world as China has eased its stand on blockchain’s status. Chinese state powerhouses, such as the Agricultural Bank of China, the Commercial Bank of China and the China Construction Bank, are incorporating blockchain solutions from IBM for verifying transactions…

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