The era begins, in which code creates trust by design, data is secure, goods can be traced and distributed on democratized markets, cooperation is more successful than competitive models and decentralized neutral money and a truly free Internet is available.

We live in a world where the availability of and control over data in economics, politics and private life are important factors for security and independence. Blockchain Technology can give us back control over it by allowing us to ensure the integrity, availability and authenticity of data by the public domain.

Blockchain the Trust Machine

This algorithmic trust machine can lead us to a world of justice, transparency and equality. Throughout the new paradigm of cooperation and new forms of decentralized organization we got a tool to solve the big problems of humanity. In a blockchain-world, cooperation is more effective than competition. This will lead to a restructure and uplift of our society, institutions and the economic systems. So we can build the foundation for a new world together.

Hope is on the horizon

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