Vladimir Putin wants to make his next election unforgeable through Blockchain technology
Vladimir Putin wants to make his next election unforgeable through Blockchain technology

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin wants to change the constitution in order to remain in power. Voters can even cast their votes electronically using Blockchain technology. the Russian President and other Russian officials had made several positive statements about the possibilities of Blockchain technology.

Voting by Blockchain

Vladimir Putin has been at the head of his country since 1999 – sometimes as Prime Minister, sometimes as head of government. This castling was necessary because the Russian constitution allows only two terms of office for a president. But the 67-year-old does not want to step down in 2024 either and has therefore initiated a constitutional amendment that would annul his previous terms of office. With the new constitution, the calculation of his terms of office would therefore start from zero again and he would be able to run twice for six years each time. Russia could thus continue to be dominated by Vladimir Putin, who would then be 83 years old, until 2036.

To legitimize his plans, Putin is planning a referendum between 25 June and 1 July on the constitutional amendment he has initiated. In order to optimise the electoral mechanism and prevent manipulation, the Moscow City Duma is relying for the first time on a city-wide blockchain vote.

Votes are Anonymous and Encrypted

As the Moscow government explained, the votes themselves are anonymous and encrypted. Two encryption keys are used: one is on the user’s computer, the second is split several times and is stored by different participants until the end of the vote.
In the run-up to the vote. In a pilot test in September 2019, residents from three city districts were already able to cast their votes for the election of the Moscow City Duma by block chain voting.

The Russian capital has been running the Active Citizen Program for some time now, under which the people of Moscow can participate in decisions on urban planning projects. This existing program has since been transferred to the Ethereum-based Blockchain.

Fair Elections by Using Ethereum?

By using the Ethereum-based system, the election is to be made transparent and forgery-proof. The aim is to take away the fear of manipulation from the citizens and to prove to the world that free and fair elections exist in Russia.

But whether Vladimir Putin really succeeds in scoring on the moral side remains doubtful. For the constitutional amendment was already passed in winter by the State Duma – the Russian parliament – and then put into effect by Putin’s signature. However, in order to give his plans a morally better coat of paint, Putin stresses that the Russian people should still confirm the changes. To ensure this, he has set in motion the state propaganda machinery that is giving massive support to the election result he is aiming for.

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