“We live in a world where the availability of and control over data in economic, political and private life have become important factors for success, power and well-being. It is the time of a big shift. We have the unique chance in history to restore values by getting back the control over our digital life.

Blockchain technology is about bringing back the power to the, people by ensuring the integrity, availability and authenticity of data by the public community. It is the first time in human history that the transfer of power will change in such a way. It’s about justice, transparency and equality. It’s about bringing hope back to the humankind. We have been blessed with the technology to solve poverty, hunger and the destruction of natural and human resource, strengthen individual freedom, self-determination and entrepreneurial activity and to support trans-boundary trust. In a blockchain-world, cooperation is more effective than competition. Cooperation and fairness stimulate business. We have enough resources on this planet and now the technology to fairly distribute them, which will lead to the reorganization and uplift of our economic and social systems. Blockchain is not just a technology that is driving growth in our companies. Blockchain technology is not just a new business field — it is furthermore an evolutionary step of mankind.

It is not a matter of dissolving existing states, institutions and businesses, but of accompanying harmonic change in order to build together the foundation for a new world. The Blockchain is here to stay. It is on us to make the best out of it. Thank you” Fabian Friedrich — Founder and CEO at Blockchance UG

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