Within the next months BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE will broaden its focus to Green Technology and Artificial Intelligence. In BCO#7 we want to give insights about the usage of AI in the healthcare industries. In current fields of application, future solutions and if doctors will be replaced by AI soon. Live on YouTube, March 17,2021 5pm (CET).

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How AI is changing our healthcare system

Artificial Intelligence offers a vast potential and an outstanding performance when it comes to data analysis. Trained deep learning algorithms are able to detect statistical anomalies way better than humans are. Using AI for image analysis for e.g. breast cancer detection seems pretty obvious. But there is more beyond. The fields of application are enormous. But can AI replace human doctors? Research shows that AI is in some field already more effective than humans. There are some well developed AI solutions already in the market providing services like symptom analyses, disease detection, radiology assistance or support in biotechnological development. In western countries we see an aging of society and a rise in cases of disease of affluence like cancer or diabetes which are related to the standard of living. To support the healthcare system which is exposed to cost reduction with contemporaneous more patients, AI can be the solution to introduce high quality healthcare for everyone. So where are we heading? What is the current status? Will we have an AI based healthcare system? 

We want answer your questions and discuss the future of healthcare with leading experts

  • Ragnar Kruse, Founder of AI.Hamburg
  • Matthias Steffen, CEO & Co-Founder of Fuse-AI
  • Jaroslav Bláha, CEO & Co-Founder of CellmatiQ

The discussion will be led by a true AI pioneer: With over 30 years of experience in companies such as SAP and IBM, as supporter in the development of the German AI strategy, business angel and Managing Director of AI.Hamburg, Ingo Hoffmann will sketch a picture of the current status and the future development of AI in healthcare and will find out if the next generation of doctors will be artificial.

AI.Hamburg joins BCO LIVE and we want you to be part of it

BCO LIVE is a collaborative open platform and we want you to be part of the discussion. You can send us your questions in our Telegram channel or directly in the live chat on YouTube. The guests will answer all your questions at the end of the show.
Also this show is hosted by our partner AI.Hamburg, the leading AI network in northern Germany.

March 17, 2021
5pm – 6pm CET 
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