Together with the HSBA Hamburg School of Business School, a leading business school in northern Germany, we are working on the creation of a knowledge platform for the future. As blockchain technology is gaining more and more attention and new use-cases and projects arise, the importance of education about its functionality and potential is growing constantly. 


We are living in a rapidly changing world. Young professionals who are entering the job world nowadays, are required to bring a certain skill set and knowledge level. And older generations that were used to work with software and IT infrastructure that did not change a lot over years are now confronted with a substantial change in the way we work. The impact of new work and future technologies requires a new type of life-long learning since the speed of development is increasing constantly. 

Also, mankind is facing a new era of crisis and challenges. Facing climate change, the threat of extinction for wildlife, hunger, war, and many other problems, we need a new approach to living as one human race to fulfill the vision of a united and peaceful future. Technology can play a substantial role in solving many issues of our time. But we need an ethical framework to guarantee that technology is just used for the good cause. And we need to explain the potential and possibilities of new technologies to everyone as well as providing access to them. 


Looking at the current way of teaching and learning and the new requirements for education, we can clearly determine that there is a need for a new approach to learning. Our vision is to create a new knowledge platform that uses technology to create individualized and innovative learning environments and provide to everyone. 

How we are going to do this? We will not tell you for now. But stay tuned for more information by joining our Telegram channel or subscribing to our newsletter.


In cooperation with 32 students of the HSBA, we are working on our first MVP for the brand new Blockchance Academy. The group of students from the fields of Media Management and Business Informatics is working on the first steps of development, providing the basic structure of our new platform to explain blockchain technology and its potential to you. The project is the final step before the students finish their bachelor studies with their thesis in the summer. We want to give them the opportunity to learn the basics of project management and software development in a real-world application. And maybe, you will see the outcome of this project as Blockchance Academy on the web soon.

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