Author: Eric Holst

You have seen it on the news but couldn’t join the +50 hour twitter space where many crypto personalities shared their Insights, leaks or conspiracy theories?

Don’t worry: We have been obsessed with every little new piece of information and have an overview of news for your taste:

For women and TikTok fans = 8 minutes

Genevieve Roch-Decter is smart and funny, she has covered #FTX on TikTok in a caffeine fueled 6-part commentary, ca. 8 Minutes-

For salty bitcoiners = 1h

Saifedean Ammous is the author of the Bitcoin standard and as sharp tounged as witty. He has little sympathy for anyone who has invested into those shitcoins. If you enjoy getting inspirations on how to rip apart alt coiners, this is four you.

About 1 hour, skip the end with the audience questions.

Just have 10 minutes and want to skip the BS?

Coffeezilla is a youtube-journalist and on the hunt for scammers. He looks through most of the BS in the space and offers here his look into why FTX failed.

For investors, bankers, and finance-interested people = 1h

We at Blockchance are fans of Bankless. If you know what happened but wonder what will happen next, then check the latest Bankless episode which covers the contagion and how to rebuild our reputation. = 1h

For those who want to know everything = 55h

About 100k-1m listeners joined the Twitter spaces of Mario Nawfal. But also Elon Musk, Brian Armstrong, Jesse Powel and founders of various Defi/Cefi services.

But it was also a bit crazy, with people claiming to be whistleblowers, anonymous people that leaked crazy information about drug parties and love triangles, also Hunter Biden and KimDotcom were part of the show. Wut?

For Memers

Sometimes it helps just to get the gist of it and explained with the office.

For your kids

You want to explain it to a five year old?


What article, video, tweet or post has clarified everything for you? Share in the comments.

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