In terms of Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume, the increase is nominally exponential and could easily catch up with the major asset classes, a new report says. On Tuesday, Coin Metrics released a report entitled “State of the Network” and looked at BTC trading.

“Exponential” growth in total BTC volume Measuring the volume is difficult with the largest crypto currency, according to Coin Metrics. This is due to the many types of stock exchanges and related platforms in the region.”

“The fragmentation of trading volume in the Bitcoin ecosystem prevents a direct assessment of market size,” the report concluded.”

“Institutions considering entering the space should first observe the landscape and then decide which exchanges, markets and assets they are comfortable with when settling trades”

Nonetheless, the future of Bitcoin as an asset class is extremely promising.

Coin Metrics concludes, “all facets of Bitcoin’s trading volumes have grown exponentially and, if sustained, may rise to levels similar to those of the major asset classes.

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