Our Platinum Sponsor spot9 will bring their Crypto ATMs for use at the Blockchance Conference. Guests will be able to buy small amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. spot9 will partner with Sutor Bank in order to have the necessary legal and regulatory coverage to operate Crypto ATMs in the German market.

spot9 exists to free people from current banking limitations. We want to simplify and enhance all banking processes and transactions for a mobile generation which demands maximum ease of use and greater choices for their money management and digital assets. The future of banking innovation is where customers can personalize their user interfaces, products and data.

In short: we understand money as a service, not just as a value.

The world of banks and financial service providers is currently undergoing a paradigm shift, driven by new technologies. These are often characterized by their ability to make processes significantly leaner, more efficient and customer-friendly. However, experience shows that banks are often cumbersome in implementing such innovations and related products and services. As a result, customers hardly benefit at all from these new opportunities, or only after a considerable lag. This is precisely where spot9 comes in as a new challenger bank.

We are working to build a customer centric, open bank, which enables the money of our customers to work for them and be available anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The tools and services we provide will make the daily handling of finances much easier, open, transparent, secure and fair. Moreover, our customers get cash back on card transactions and can also benefit from profit sharing through the SP9 Security Token.


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