Tangany is a German custody provider for business blockchain infrastructure for digital assets, coins, and tokens. With this platform, companies can easily validate use cases and develop blockchain-based applications. The company handles the storage of private keys in the cloud as well as blockchain access via a stable node infrastructure. Thus, the blockchain usability for clients and users is increased enormously, because of the missing hassle with private keys management. Tangany´s clients also save a lot of development time and costs as they can use a full and ready solution instead of developing an individual one. We asked Martin Kreitmair, Co-Founder and CEO at Tangany, some interesting questions about the company and got great answers.

Where do you see Tangany and Blockchain technology in the future?

Blockchain will be an elementary component of digital assets and in a world where most of all assets are digital. We see the trend that regulation and economic activities are heading straight to blockchain-based assets. We aim to grow from our current 30 clients to several hundreds of clients globally.

How does Tangany set new standards with its technology?

Our solution combines tech and regulation in a very unique way. We enable our clients to enter the world of blockchain and digital assets by providing a market-leading user experience. Tangany handles the complexity of blockchain for both, our clients and their customers.

Why is the tokenization of assets gaining relevance for our society?

Today’s costs for investing, holding, and selling traditional assets are high and it is often not possible to invest in partial assets. That changes now. Blockchain-based digital assets reduce costs significantly and allow the investment into all kinds of assets with any amount.

What motivates you to be a sponsor at the BLOCKCHANCE conference?

Conferences are the fuel to connect the blockchain industry. BLOCKCHANCE is one of the leading events in our industry and as such we are happy to be a sponsor.


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