Nect is an IT startup based in Hamburg and was awarded the Hamburg Founders prize. Nect stands for the development of trust services based on the product “Selfie-Ident”, an AI-based online identification. Customers such as the Federal Employment Agency and Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank (IFB) rely on the innovation of the company, where around 20 000 users per day could be legitimized without waiting. In addition to Selfie-Ident, Nect’s portfolio includes other self-service products, such as e-signature or Ticket-Ident for generating identified e-tickets. As a sponsor at the upcoming BLOCKCHANCE conference, we asked the startup some questions about them and the future and got insightful answers.

What is the vision of Nect?

Our vision is to be the international market-leading trust service provider offering the best way for users to access regulated online services, such as a digital wallet, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, we work every day to expand our proprietary technology, adapting it to current and future needs while ensuring the best usability and a cost advantage within the market.

Where do you see problems in online identification nowadays and how do you contribute to improving it?

Identity verification faces the challenge of combining high regulatory requirements with the best possible user experience. Users neither want to wait for a long time nor have to go to a post office or a branch for identity proofing. Most current methods block users during registration, for example, because they have to wait for a free agent to check their ID or because their ID document cannot be processed. Our solution can be used without waiting, around the clock and with almost all passports in the world. All the user needs to do is to record a Video of the ID document and a selfie video – that’s it. Here our proprietary computer vision technology is able to verify optical variable security features, such as holograms while delivering market-leading conversion rates as it is able to verify the identity on the first shots in over 90% of the cases. From a security point of view, our procedure is proven to have equivalent reliability as in physical presence.

On your website, I read about the Robo-Ident-Technology from Nect. What is that and what makes it unique?

The Robo-Ident Technology has been developed fully in-house and we have filed several patents on it. The technology works with artificial intelligence and enables us to offer a fully automated identification process that is equivalent to on-site checks and accessible to users at any time. The main difference to our international competitors is, that our technology uses videos of the identity document (and a selfie-video). Most competitor’s technology is working with a selfie-video and just a picture of the document, thus missing the possibility to verify the authenticity of the document based on optical variable security features. Our technology performs various security checks to match regulatory needs. These include a real-time check to ensure that the picture was taken at that exact moment, a liveness check to rule out the possibility that the person in the selfie video wears a mask or is just a picture, a facial match between the selfie video and the ID document, and a document check that verifies authenticity based on the holograms, for example. In addition, the technology detects digital manipulations – from text alterations to deep fakes. In this way, fraud attempts are detected in time and fraud is prevented, with the highest level of user-friendliness. As we develop the technology in-house, we can continuously optimize it and scale it for any customer needs.

What motivates you to be a sponsor at the BLOCKCHANCE conference?

We support the Blockchance conference because we think it’s a great opportunity for companies and people to come together and share knowledge and ideas to create more transparency and trust as we see this as one of the most important factors to broad acceptance of new technologies in society.

Nect is one of these companies that come together with us and share knowledge and more in our community. Do you want to be part of the community too? Join the coming BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 conference. Get your tickets here, win an impression of some of our speakers on our YouTube and join us on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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