IBM is a world-leading company for sector-specific solutions. Due to their complete range of hardware, software, and services, they can offer their customers the entire spectrum of IT solutions. For a century, IBM has been innovating and actively promoting the development of new technologies by investing heavily in research. With new innovations and technologies, such as blockchain technology, it becomes possible to live in a world of trust and transparency. IBM recognized this potential in an early stage and contributes immensely to a great future with several projects. We asked Christian Schultze-Wolters from IBM some questions about the company and the future and got insightful answers. Christian is Industry Business Development Executive at IBM since January 2021. Prior to that, he was the lead for IBM’s blockchain business in Germany, Austria & Switzerland, driving solutions and individual projects across all industries.

What is the vision of IBM for the world?

“We will look back on this year and last year as the moment when the world entered the digital century in full force,” so to quote our IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna. “Just as we electrified factories and machines in the last century, we will use the hybrid cloud to bring AI to software and systems in the 21st century”. And one thing is already clear: The foundation for building this future is widespread collaboration within the industry. No one understands this better than IBM, and that’s one of the reasons we’re increasing investments in our partner ecosystem. IBM is fully committed to Hybrid Cloud and AI because enterprises need a clear and traceable path for modernizing systems that are critical to their business success. “In the age of climate change, environmental risks are business risks. Technology can help companies reduce their impact on the planet. Sustainability is no longer lip service. Technology is going to be an important part of the solution going forward”, said Arvind Krishna.

Where do you see IBM and Blockchain technology in the future?

I expect blockchain technology to deliver true value for enterprises and organizations in nearly all industries – depending on useful and relevant use cases. IBM is and will be the partner of choice to develop, integrate and run these solutions based on our broad technology and industry expertise and the excellent capabilities that we have built within the past years.

What is your most exciting blockchain project?

“IBM Food Trust” and “TradeLens” are the most successful and for me exciting blockchain-based solutions that we have built within the past years. We bring together hundreds of companies and organizations that play a vital and important part within the different supply chains – retailers, customs, logistics, terminals, ports, distributors, farmers, banks and consumers. And the high number of use cases proves the relevance and value of each platform: visibility, transparency, enhanced tracing, sustainability, improved accuracy & data quality, increased efficiency and reduced cost.

How does IBM contribute to a future of trust and sustainability?

Our commitment as a company: IBM has long been committed to protecting the environment. We will continue to drive reductions in our environmental impacts and apply our leading technology innovations and expertise to address global environmental challenges. The demand for blockchain-based projects that address trust & sustainability is increasing day by day. “IBM Food Trust”, but especially “RSBN” (Responsible sourcing Blockchain Network – cobalt mining & manufacturing), “Farmer Connect” (coffee – social engagements) and “Plastic Bank” (plastic recycling) are perfect examples to underline how we as a company support the different challenges within our world & society by using Blockchain technology. “Textile Trust” is another, new project that addresses the urgent need for transparency and sustainability within the global textile industry and that also reflects the requirements of the expected “Lieferkettengesetz” in Germany.


All in all, IBM is a world-leading company in its space, building a future of trust, transparency and sustainability for everyone. At our upcoming conference, Christian Schultze-Wolters will represent IBM as a speaker. Visit his Keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference when he talks about his topic “BlockchainTechnology – delivering Values for Enterprises today and tomorrow”. Get your tickets here, win an impression of some of our speakers on our YouTube and join us on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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