GAMB Power to the Merchants offers the first marketplace where online shops can integrate their products. Besides normal fiat payments they can allow crypto payments in GMBT being the parallel token to the GMB already listed and allowing crypto payments without any blockchain-related transaction fees. We asked Dr. Wolfgang Pinegger whose company GloBra built the first parallel coin solution for the GAMB Marketplace some questions about GAMB and the future.

GAMB - Sponsor at BLOCKCHANC Europe 2021

What is the vision of GAMB?

GAMB offers a global and local marketplace for online shops.
This marketplace was built in cooperation with GloBra Group and integrated into GLMall. As a result, online shops on GLMall and GLBrain find many possibilities for advertising and promoting their goods and services and becoming independent of large and expensive marketplaces like Amazon. One of the main features is free of transaction cost crypto payments and a blockchain-based MLM System. Thus, we have the vision to make the GAMB / GLMall marketplace a globally leading marketplace for online shops.

What is the difference between the GAMB marketplace and conventional marketplaces?

GAMB allows online shops to be independent of the big players and make their offers visible on GLMall. There are no sales-based transaction fees, and all are based on blockchain allowing crypto payments and a one of its kind MLM tool for bloggers.

What will the world look like in 10 years?

Blockchain and crypto will be established. Todays, banking, aid, and donation, and sometimes governmental structures will change dramatically. Intermediary businesses like payment services will not be the same anymore.

How do you gain confidence for the future?

These changes give me the confidence that the world will be a better place. They will do the changes the old and established systems could and did not want to do.

What motivates you to be a speaker at the Blockchance conference?

I have been there the last two times and found this event to be the best of its kind globally. It is the place to meet the right people and to spread the news about what we can offer.


GAMB is much more than a marketplace for onlineshops, it is a big innovative step towards a great future. At our upcoming conference, Dr. Wolfgang Pinegger, CEO at GloBra Group, will represent the company as a speaker. Visit his Keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference when he talks about the use of crypto in day-to-day e-commerce, aid, and development projects. Get your ticket here, win an impression of some of our speakers on our YouTube and join us on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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