The fintech Exporo is Germany’s leading platform for digital real estate investments. For this purpose, Exporo bundles capital from many private investors, who can easily and directly invest in real estate online via the Exporo platform. Since its founding in 2014, more than 800 million euros have been digitally brokered. Moreover, Exporo is an official sponsor of BLOCKCHANCE. We asked Patrick Hartmann, Managing Director at Exporo and speaker at BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 some questions about the company and the future and got exciting answers.

BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 speaker Patrick Hartmann
Patrick Hartmann, Managing Director at Exporo

What is the vision of Exporo?

Our goal is for Exporo to become THE leading real estate investment platform in Europe. We aim to open up the gates to the world of professional real estate, thus enabling our investors to easily create a diversified real estate portfolio over different asset classes with low single investments.

What makes Exporo so unique?

We are the clear leader in Germany for digital real estate investing. Exporo provides full digital access to and a transparent overview of various investment opportunities in real estate as well as management support. There is also additional transparency regarding returns and conditions for investments, allowing for ease of comparison in the decision-making process. Due to the low minimum investment amounts involved, there are many preferable diversification opportunities available for private investors. Our investors further gain the benefits of digitization with reduced costs and reduced complexity for the financial products offered.

How does blockchain technology help to achieve your goals?

Blockchain technology can be seen as both a great disruptor but also an equalizer. For our model with the introduction of our digital securities, the blockchain has permanently changed how real estate investment works. It has reduced our costs by 90% and improved processing speeds to mere seconds, two things that will have immense long term impact. By being able to trade digital assets on the Exporo marketplace, this ‘old world’ asset has been completely digitized and made liquid.

How do you gain confidence for the future?

As we enjoy our current success, we see even more potential on the horizon. We want to lower the entry-barrier and encourage the general public increase their participation in the real estate industry and we hope that our investors will not be limited to only investing in expensive funds anymore. Exporo has now been on the market for over 7 years and we look forward to more growth and expansion across Europe. In pursuit of these goals, we will continue to invest in digitization and tokenization to make our products even easier to trade, as well as further diversifying our business models and distribution platforms. We are additionally focused on strategic partnerships to scale upwards and professionalize ourselves.

What will the world in ten years look like?

It would be great for the whole industry if the next decade brings more unified European regulations, which would then give investors more trust in the whole process. Additionally, the creation of a digital land registry would allow us to disrupt the real estate market even further. Seen as a whole, our industry is still lagging behind regarding digitalization. We are still faced with many challenges when it comes to implementing various digital processes with custodian banks in our fully regulated, analog world.

What motivates you to be a speaker at the Blockchance conference?

Through my role as a speaker, I would like to share our insights, results and overall experience gained from Exporo’s work with blockchain. I believe that it is important for all of us working with the latest technologies at the forefront of digitalization to share our insights together at platforms like the Blockchance conference. It will only be of benefit to us all and really, where else should we learn from, if not from each other?


All in all, Exporo is a leading company in its space, aiming to open up the gates to the world of professional real estate. At our upcoming conference, Patrick Hartmann, Managing Director at Exporo will represent the company as a speaker. Visit his Keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference when he shares experiences from over 60 security token offerings. Get your tickets here, win an impression of some of our speakers on YouTube and join us on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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