Crypto Supply is your professional “blockchain-investment-enabler” from Germany, located in Schweinfurt.
All team members from our official sponsor Crypto Supply are experts in mining cryptocurrencies and are very experienced in operating the hardware in different locations. They are doing business since 2017 and operate for a few hundred clients mining-hardware in Russia and China. We asked Peter Marggraff, Managing Partner at Crypto Supply about their vision and the background to their high quality investment opportunities in mining. Check out his profound answers below.

Crypto Supply - sponsor at BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021

What is the vision of Crypto Supply?

Crypto Supply´s Vision is to be the Number 1 Partner in Europe for Building Miningprojects with renewable ressources.
Right now we are the One-Stop-Shop for Mininghardware and Partner in Miningprojects in Europe and worldwide.
We help everybody to source mininghardware and we are able to operate the mininghardware in our partners hostingsolution for a low price of electricity.

I recently read on your website that Crypto Supply offers the best possible investment opportunities in mining. Why are the investment opportunities you offer the best?

We are offering the best investment opportunity because our solution makes it very easy for the client to invest in cryptomining and own the hardware himself. Our Miningpartner receives the mined Bitcoin almost daily directly from his Miningpool into his wallet. Our client can easily sell the mininghardware for a good marketprice and this means flexibility. Our client’s benefit also our 360 degree consultation where we can find a good and legal tax-setting where our clients can save the tax for their miningrewards (for clients starting at 5 miners).


At our upcoming conference, Peter Marggraff will represent the company as a speaker. Visit his Keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference when he discusses if Bitcoin mining is still useful at all. Get your ticket here, win an impression of some of our speakers on YouTube and join us on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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