With more than 1,000 successful projects, iteratec is one of the leading experts for digital product innovation, software and architecture development, and digital infrastructures. The company is a solution creator, impulse generator, sparring partner, and trailblazer for all those who want to boldly move forward, conquer new markets and inspire customers. From the initial product vision to continuous operation, iteratec contributes to the development of the digital future. In addition, the company empowers organizations through training and agile working. It unleashes the potentials of distributed ledger technology for any business. Moreover, it identifies opportunities and potential uses of blockchain solutions for organizations and implements them. Tracking of transport orders in a shared supply chain network, automated billing of services, tamper-proof voting via e-voting, and more become possible thanks to iteratec and the Blockchain. We asked iteratec some questions about the future and got great insights.

What is the vision of iteratec?

At iteratec, we are fully dedicated to the ambition of “Developing digital Champions” – which means that we enable private companies and public institutions to compete with the emerging challenges of the digital age and become leaders in their fields of practice, by using digital technologies such as AI or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We see ourselves as coaches and facilitators for the exploitation of these technologies, by accompanying organizations and individuals end-to-end on their transformation journey – from ideation to integration and operation of excellent software solutions. Other than most existing solution providers we combine unique Blockchain-knowhow with proven software development experience. This allows us to turn Blockchain visions into running business applications.

How does blockchain technology help to achieve your goals?

As we move towards a digitally empowered society, we see Blockchain technology as a real game changer that shapes new forms of trust and collaboration in many economical, civic and political contexts, such as elections, the fight against fake news or the maintenance of resilient and sustainable supply chains around the world. Notably, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, it became apparent that blockchain technology today already has the potential to effectively address many vulnerabilities along our economic processes: iteratec, for example, has developed a blockchain-based E-Voting tool to allow associations, foundations, and corporations to hold virtual general meetings while they were not permitted to meet on site. Other examples include digital vaccination IDs, blockchain-based digital contact tracing or self-sovereign identities.

Where do you see iteratec and Blockchain technology in the future?

We are utterly convinced that Blockchain will be a key driver for the development of new digital business models in the upcoming years. That is why iteratec is fully committed to further exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology, with a strong focus on hands-on business applications. Not only in the context of our customer projects, but also in our own business processes. For example, last year we used a homegrown blockchain-based application to have our Managing Director approved by the general assembly. One key area where we expect great potential for disruption is blockchain governance, as it provides completely new ways of organizing collaboration beyond traditional governance mechanisms through smart contracts.

What motivates you to be a sponsor at the BLOCKCHANCE conference?

BLOCKCHANCE is one of the leading Blockchain conferences in Germany and gathers outstanding experts from all over the world to share their points of view on the future of Blockchain technology. What I particularly like about BLOCKCHANCE is the broader perspective on the topic with contributions from science, business, politics, and society. As true Blockchain enthusiasts, we love to be part of this and talk about our ideas.


As an end-to-end partner for digital transformation in the private and public sector, iteratec makes it possible to lever the potential of digital technologies and ensures long-term competitive advantages for its customers in increasingly digitised market environments. Furthermore, they also are sponsors of the upcoming BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference. Get your tickets here, win an impression of some of our speakers on our YouTube and join the community on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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