Beyondi is a development company that develops futuristic long-term solutions that scale with various businesses. For Beyondi, every solution has a different story. The company adapts to clients and offers full control, transparency, and trust. Beyondi´s services include web/mobile development & design, growth, and social & team augmentation. Furthermore, they also create embedded & blockchain solutions, bringing expertise in Hyperledger blockchain and its frameworks. We asked Beyondi some questions about blockchain, their vision and the future and got insightful answers.

What is the vision of Beyondi?

At Beyondi, we believe in a decentralized world of technology with shared responsibility, private data, controlled data sharing, secure integrations, and collaborations. Our vision is to offer transformation without compromise and process stability based on project, use case experience, unique and rare knowledge in innovative technologies. By developing a strong partners network, we want to position ourselves as a transformation leader. Our mission is to create standards, tools, products, and solutions that will empower secure decentralization and the creation of independent decentralized web 3.0 ecosystems and raise awareness of companies on the advantages of those systems.

Where do you see Beyondi and Blockchain technology in the future?

Blockchain technology is changing and disrupting global industries with its wide range of impacts, varying from technological aspects to changes in social constructs. At Beyondi, we believe blockchain will be the underlying technology for the time to come with the creation of independent decentralized web 3.0 ecosystems which will be a catalysator for the development of industry 4.0. We see Beyondi as a digital transformation leader, a leader that will be a glue between technology and business development that will help push disruption in the right direction. Beyondi will educate companies about new business opportunities and models derived from using innovative technologies and empower other development companies to partner with us and start developing and disrupting with our tools.

How does blockchain technology influence product development nowadays?

Product development within centralized systems is based on one jurisdiction towards which all processes are engineered and regulated. Blockchain technology enables the decentralization of systems which significantly impacts product development process engineering. Processes in decentralized systems are based on a collaboration of included parties which requires a redefinition of product processes. Decentralization closes the gap between product developers and consumers and allows consumers to be included in the process of product development. Consumers can become producers; in technical terms, consumers are becoming prosumers. Product development influenced by blockchain technology is a collaborative process between producers and consumers that seeks to create mutual value. Internet of value.

I read on your website that blockchain technology is changing and disrupting global industries. How does that work?

Global industries are based on data-centric business models which depend on one central authority vested with decision-making power and control over all data stored in its base. As a result, other parties must accept, without tangible proof, that the information shared is complete, credible, and accurate and that the central authority has not used their data for its own benefit.

Data-centric business models with centralized authority invest many resources in relations and reputation management, security, data sharing, and management systems, with the ultimate goal of achieving a high-functioning system. With the introduction of blockchain-based decentralized systems, there is a vast potential that these goals can be achieved by decentralizing the data-storing model.

Blockchain-based decentralized systems are mainly based on a peer-to-peer relationship with ownership and data being shared to all included parties. Multiple identical copies of data are stored in separate network nodes, with data being immutable unless consensus is reached. With its pillars being decentralization, transparency, and immutability, blockchain serves as a single source of trust, allowing participating parties to reorganize their resources as reputation is no longer a deciding factor.

Blockchain technology enables the possibility of removing intermediaries within the process and allows producers and consumers to interact directly by having a single source of trust that is the blockchain itself. Removal of previously necessary intermediaries largely disrupts various industries as there is no more need for service-based business models that create value from the asymmetry of information. Producers and consumers, enabled by blockchain technology, can now exchange value without the need of a third party, like a bank or a broker, allowing this exchange to happen.

What motivates you to be a sponsor at BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021?

Beyondi seeks to accelerate digital transformation and implementation of blockchain in public and enterprise domains where networking and knowledge-sharing spaces, like the Blockchance conference, have a significant role. The relationship between Beyondi and Blockchance is far more than just a sponsorship; it’s a synergy that is going to bring value to the broader community.
We seek to share our knowledge and connect with like-minded people at Blockchance conference that will help us accelerate the movement.


All in all, Beyondi is a very ambitious company that stands for a future of transparency, and trust. At our upcoming conference Kristijan Glibo, Co-founder & CEO at Beyondi, will represent the company as a speaker. Visit his Keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference when he talks about the collaboration framework for interdependent business processes with blockchain technology. Get your tickets here, win an impression of some of our speakers on our YouTube and join us on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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