ARTAYO is a peer-to-peer metaverse platform for NFT ART, both digital art and digitalized physical artworks. The platform is for sellers, buyers and art investors, curated and accomplished by their NFT database. 3D Extended Reality (XR) technology shows artworks in extraordinary metaverse spaces. As our official sponsor, we asked ARTAYO some questions about the company and the world of NFTs and got exciting answers. Check out the interview below.

ARTAYO - sponsor at BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021

What is the vision of ARTAYO?

ARTAYO is a peer-to-peer platform for both: artists and art investors. With the unstoppable tokenization of artworks, it is now finally becoming easy to invest in art and ownership rights to artworks. This is the game changer for art investors: art is finally becoming a liquid asset class.

What will the world of art look like in five years?

We are witnessing a progressive democratization of art. Gatekeepers like gallery owners and art managers are becoming obsolete. Anyone can create artworks and the market only decides what is successful. And we are seeing millions of new buyers for artworks who are defining art in a new way. They want to use the artworks in digital worlds and they want to convert cryptocurrencies into NFT to store the value. The path is unstoppable and we will see NFT 2.0 (Interacting with NFTs in AR/VR, Unlocking exclusive content or access to games using NFTs, Using NFTs as avatars or items in the metaverse) and NFT 3.0 (Holding NFTs staked with DeFi-enabled ERC20 tokens to generate yield over time, Using NFTs as collateral to take out loans on DeFi protocols, Staking NFTs in liquidity pools to create tradeable NFT derivatives) in the future.

Why are NFTs becoming more and more popular nowadays?

NFTs are like cryptocurrencies, but visible. When you own an NFT, there is an asset based on it, for example, a piece of art or a virtual property. So you feel better about owning an NFT instead of a traditional cryptocurrency. Also, you can use your NFT in games or on social networks. The metaverse will make NFT more and more a must-have to secure property rights and show exclusive values.

What motivates you to be a sponsor at BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021?

There are not many blockchain conferences in Europe, but there is a huge community for all these services. That’s why we decided to support the conference. We are sure that we will meet many people with whom we can talk about the future of NFT and Defi.


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