21finance offers digital and regulated software solutions for optimizing the value chain of financial institutions. With “Marketplace as a Service” (MaaS), 21finance enables banks and financial intermediaries to enter digital direct sales quickly and profitably and supports them in increasing reach and making products and issuers accessible for investors across Europe. The platform area2invest powered by 21finance is a pioneer in the world of digital investment and issuance. area2invest is Europe’s first marketplace for securities and token issuances, linking natural and legal persons, non-professional and professional investors with issuers from different asset and product classes. On area2invest, investors have access to a 360-degree product portfolio. Via the “Online Shop for Financial Products” they invest 100% digitally, independently and without additional fees. Issuers benefit from a one-stop solution from tokenisation to placement and distribution. With area2invest they expand their placement reach and power internationally through access to a broad investor network. area2invest recently published a white paper series on Security Token Offerings. We asked 21finance some interesting questions about the company, the future, and the tokenization of assets and got great insights.

What is the vision of 21finance?

Our vision is to set a new standard for the digital distribution of tokenized and traditional financial products by making investing easy and simple for everyone. 

Where do you see your company and Blockchain technology in the future?

Based on our vision and the numerous requests that reach us every day, we have a very clear picture: It is about empowering financial intermediaries and issuers to fully leverage the digital and seamless distribution of tokenized and traditional financial products. Specifically we are providing them with a “plug & play” solution that includes both highly customizable software and first-class services. The underlying technology will many times be based on the blockchain, without the end-user noticing it. Comparable to the detailed functionality of the HTTPS protocol which is not relevant for most users of the internet, we think that the blockchain technology will have a similar role: Users will enjoy the advantages but won’t necessarily need to have a detailed understanding of it.

Which advantages come with the tokenization of assets?

We see  many advantages when it comes to the tokenization of assets, for example:

Faster transactions and lower costs: The tokenization of assets makes it possible to automate processes such as distribution, settlement, reporting etc. This means less administrative effort, which leads to lower issuance and managing costs.

Increased transparency and control: With the ability to tokenize rights and responsibilities, issuers and investors can profit from an increase in transparency and control.

Fractionalization: The blockchain makes it possible to buy or sell tokens representing fractions of an asset, which is especially interesting for traditionally non-liquid assets such as real estate, private equity or art. This allows a broader investor base to participate in a purchase and will benefit investors, but also companies seeking alternative sources for financing.  

I read on your website that with your area2invest platform you make investments and financing simple for all – how does that work?

On area2invest, investors gain access to a 360-degree product portfolio and can invest independently and directly online in various asset and product classes, free of conflicts of interest. They can build up a diversified portfolio having access to traditional as well as tokenized assets and products within one single platform. For issuers, we offer an extremely cost-effective and fast way to make their financial products available to a broad investor audience on a regulated, 100% digital marketplace. 

What motivates you to be a sponsor at the BLOCKCHANCE conference?

Blockchance is Germany’s leading blockchain technology conference so our motivation is very clear: We want to connect to blockchain- and crypto-related innovative personalities and companies who share the same vision. We are convinced that the Blockchance event is the best platform to do that.


21finance is a pioneer in the blockchain space and strongly committed to innovating at different levels of the financial value chain and leveraging emerging technologies. At our upcoming conference Max J. Heinzle, Founder and CEO at 21finance will represent the company as a speaker. Visit his Keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference when he will hold a keynote speech on tokenisation within the platform economy. Get your tickets here, win an impression of some of our speakers on our YouTube and join our community on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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