Katharina Gehra is a leading expert for investment and ESG in the blockchain space. Furthermore, she is Co-Founder and CEO at Immutable Insight. With Immutable Insight, she offers a scientific approach to the analysis of blockchain projects. Katharina also has been nominated as an expert on the subject of blockchain for parliamentary hearings at the German Bundestag. Moreover, she belongs to the “Top 40 under 40” – a ranking by the German business magazine Capital. We asked Katharina some questions about the blockchain space and her idea of the future and got inspiring answers.

What motivated you to make the step from the banking sector to the blockchain universe?

The potential of the token economy was so intriguing that I wanted to shape and build the space.

In your podcast, you said that blockchain reduces complexity. How does that work and can you give us some use case examples?

A shared ledger is generally reducing the number of interfaces between singular ledgers. That has many second-order effects, for example when globally one blockchain is used for making payments, then SWIFT structures are much more complex in comparison.

What will the world in ten years look like?

Tokens will be as normal as emails today.

How do you gain confidence for the future?

By choice and by contributing with our company to maximize token value with our analytics for a tokenized economy.

What motivates you to be a speaker at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference?

Engaging with a like-minded audience, discussing the different angles and spreading the word about our capabilities.


Katharina Gehra is a highly ambitious, experienced, and inspiring person. Meet her at the upcoming BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference, where she will hold a keynote speech on institutional investor opportunities! Get your ticket here and take a deep dive into the universe of future technologies. Learn more about Katharina and Immutable Insight here.

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