As a pioneer in the legal tech field, Stephan Breidenbach has been working with knowledgeTools International, Legal OS, Betterlaw and the Viadrina Legal Tech Center for over 20 years on the digitalization of law and more access to justice. As founder of the new school of [Law] and in cooperation with GermanZero, he is developing the key points of a legislative package for the 1.5 degree climate target. For the BMJV, he is working with the new school on training for legislation. As one of Germany’s leading business mediators, he accompanies complex decision-making processes, especially in disputes between companies and between shareholders. As an arbitrator, he works for the DIS, the ICC in Paris and the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), among others. Stephan is Professor for mediation at the University of Vienna and a professor and fellow at some of the most prestigious European universities. Stephan also is founder of impact companies such as As a co-founder, angel or investor, he supports DeepL, Clue and the ReDI School, among others. We asked him some questions about the legal tech space and the future and got profound insights.

What is legal tech and how can it influence our society?

Legal tech provides tools to digitize the content-related work of lawyers. The consequence is that legal services can be embedded into the wider software stack. For the first time law is not an abstract concept of rules to be followed but is literally embedded in real time into all areas of life. The reality of law will be embedded law.

Will traditional legal consulting be replaced by digital products?

Yes and no. No, because law needs language. Our systems are far from being able to understand language. Yes, because a large part of repetitive questions and repetitive work of lawyers can be standardized and automated by tools that combine rules, data and building blocks of text. From a macro perspective, much more than lawyers expect is repetitive. The destiny of rules is code.

What will the world in 10 years look like?

That depends on our climate policy. The course for not exceeding 1.5 degrees must be set now – through clear and far-reaching political decisions. Even if the effects of global warming will hit us hard in any case, we still have it in our hands to make indispensable decisions for the time in 10 to 50 years.

How do you gain confidence for the future?

Consciousness is evolving. We just need to hope it will evolve fast enough.



All the experience Stephan Breidenbach has been collecting by learning and teaching about his space combined with the results of his work make him a real pioneer in the legal tech field. Meet him at the upcoming BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference, where he will hold a keynote speech on digital legislation as our future! Get your ticket here and take a deep dive into the universe of future technologies.

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