Scorechain is a Risk-AML software provider for cryptocurrencies. As a leader in crypto compliance, the Luxembourgish company has helped 200+ customers in 40+ countries since 2015, ranging from cryptocurrency businesses to financial institutions, audit and law firms, and LEAs. Moreover, Scorechain is an official sponsor at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference! Read the following interview with them and learn about their vision, their particularities, and their future expectations.

Scorechain - sponsor at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference

What is the vision of Scorechain?

Scorechain is specialized in blockchain analytics and provides Risk-AML software for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, aiming to provide more trust to the industry and fight against fraud and illegal activities.
The Cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially with a lot of pure players or crypto start-ups but also more and more traditional financial institutions which are turning to offer crypto- related services to meet the market’s needs. On the other hand, cryptocurrency regulation is evolving and many countries/regions are implementing AML requirements for virtual assets. Scorechain blockchain analytics and crypto Risk-AML software can help traditional finance players and cryptocurrency companies to apply a risk-based approach for this new class of assets and fulfill crypto regulation requirements.

What makes Scorechain so unique?

We are a very diverse team, we have 13 different nationalities within 25 people. We are all very passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies which brings a lot of knowledge and skills to the company. Being a very agile team helps us focus in a very fast-paced environment and be able to understand the new technologies, and adapt quickly to our customer’s needs.

What will the world in ten years look like?

In terms of blockchain, we will see a financial revolution, where technology will test if the current financial systems can be improved, and technology will prove itself. I believe that a lot of pieces will come together in terms of tech, networks, AR, VR which will be hard to adapt into what society looks like today. I´m sure these technologies will help, for example, emerging markets with low bank account adoption to have a higher digital capacity and bring more opportunities to people in remote locations that today don´t get access to this type of technology.

Where do you see Scorechain and blockchain technology in the future?

Blockchain will be highly adopted by many different use cases, art, for example, we already see it with the NFTs, supply chain for tracking products, transparency, and safety, so it could be a global need. Today we provide a service that helps crypto companies and traditional financial institutions with their AML / CT needs for regulations, but there´s a lot of industries that will adopt blockchain as part of the processes and will have needs of such services.


Scorechain is a great contributor to the future of trust most people are waiting for. They also are an official sponsor at the upcoming BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference. Join us and learn how this future of trust will look like, how it works, and how you can contribute to it, too. Get your ticket here, win an impression of some of our speakers on YouTube and join us on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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