AI.HAMBURG promotes the broad use of artificial intelligence and especially machine learning in regional companies. The goals of AI.HAMBURG are to accelerate the adaptation of artificial intelligence in companies and startups, promote education and training, and establish a leading ecosystem for the application of artificial intelligence. Smart companies are expected to boost the Hamburg economy and positively influence the competitiveness of the entire metropolitan region. We asked our presenting partner AI.HAMBURG some questions about their space and vision and got great answers.

What is the vision of AI.Hamburg for our beloved city of Hamburg?

Together with our founding partners and AI experts, AI.HAMBURG has set itself the goal of making the region a lighthouse for the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. To this end, AI Hamburg facilitates direct exchange and networking with members on topics related to artificial intelligence. By giving visibility to Hamburg’s AI players and their use cases, in different clusters and verticals, AI.HAMBURG contributes to the city’s extensive and growing AI Ecosystem. Our focus is the exchange between AI champions, start-up companies and SMEs in the metropolitan region of Hamburg so that they implement AI to become more competitive, efficient and smart, which will have a positive impact on our society and location.

Where do you see AI.Hamburg and AI in the future?

AI is the general purpose technology of the 21st century and will profoundly change all technologies and industries in the next 10+ years as it will permeate all economic and social spheres just or even more like PCs, the internet and smartphones did before.
AI.HAMBURG will continue accelerating the adoption of AI in companies and start-up companies, promoting research, education and training as well as building a leading ecosystem for the application of artificial intelligence.

Projects to achieve this in the future:

  • Build an AI Fund to transform regional and national AI start-up companies into European leaders in their field.
  • Connect the dense AI research university landscape with the strong economic structure of the metropolitan region to activate and bundle AI expertise in business and science.
  • Develop new ideas and opportunities with AI4Germany, the KI-Bundesverband (Region North) and other partners to bring AI closer to German and European SMEs.
  • Expand the transatlantic partner network for our community with the Transatlantic AI eXchange (TAIX) events and networking sessions.

Why did you choose the city of Hamburg for improving its AI ecosystem?

First of all: WE LOVE HAMBURG! It is our hometown, and that of a growing number of technology-open-minded inventors, founders and professionals. A vibrant AI ecosystem has emerged in Hamburg, that, like the city itself, is Hanseatic and hence oriented towards the global economy. This is reflected in the ecosystem’s focus on logistics and trade as well as other global application areas. Both Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein are thus increasingly becoming the bridgehead of a growing transatlantic AI partnership. What is emerging, is a reason for hope and an impetus to further develop both the city’s and the country’s AI ecosystems. This is all the more important as both sides of the Atlantic face critical post-pandemic uncertainties for national economic development and therefore increasingly see AI as a policy priority to address these uncertainties.

Where do you see an intersection between AI and blockchain technology?

AI and blockchain technologies are known as the main driving entities behind today’s innovation. Both AI and blockchain technologies have various technological complexity and large business implications. Blockchain and AI are among the great disruptive technologies and will reshape the way people live, collaborate and interact in the future. As both technologies run on data. While blockchain stores and transacts on data, AI is making sense of it. Jointly, both technologies have the potential of becoming the infrastructure and brains of the modern data economy and are predicted to contribute millions of capital investments to the global economy.
Whether in medicine, money, or love, these new technologies have the potential to create value and fundamentally impact how we conduct business, educate or provide healthcare. But, these technologies can also threaten, manipulate, and alienate us from others. We need to understand its potentials as well as threats and address them to design systems and a digital economy that is truly human-centred.


What motivates you to be a presenting partner at the BLOCKCHANCE conference?

BLOCKCHANCE is Germany’s leading Blockchain Technology conference and together, we would like to achieve the same with the topic of AI in Hamburg, Germany and beyond. We are excited and grateful to fully cover the AI side of the BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 with the AI.SUMMIT on December 1, 2021 in the Emporio Tower, one of the most attractive locations in Hamburg. In line with BLOCKCHANCE, we bring together champions of AI and the cognitive revolution from around the world who will explore trends, present use cases and analyse challenges for applying and scaling the use of artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies in healthcare, logistics, business, climate and sustainability during the one-day event. To accelerate the knowledge and diffusion of artificial intelligence for human and economic growth in key areas, the AI Summit brings together large enterprises, SME companies, startups, researchers, students, policymakers, public servants, and international partners of AI.Hamburg.

AI.Hamburg is not just part of the BLOCKCHANCE community but presenting partner at BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021. Get your ticket here and take a deep dive into the future of technology.

The initiators and hosts of the AI Summit are Petra Vorsteher, who was Hamburg’s Silicon Valley Ambassador and one of the best-networked women in the world and Ragnar Kruse, a very successful entrepreneur who has built and exited one of the most successful mobile companies worldwide and who is founder and CEO at AI Invest GmbH and AI for Hamburg GmbH. Ragnar Kruse recently shared his opinion on the potential of AI in healthcare in our BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE show. Watch the full recording here to get a picture of him or read our related blog article here. Join our community on TelegramTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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