The blockchain space is creating a whole new group of new corporations and foundations that shape the future of our societies by building the infrastructure of tomorrow’s economy. Just like Ethereum, Polkadot is much more than just its cryptocurrency DOT. The network tackles one of the most important problems of the blockchain space: interoperability. Our next Blockchance Live show will focus on Polkadot’s ecosystem, NFT, and the vision of a decentralized web. Join live on YouTube on May 12, 5 PM CEST.


As blockchain technology is gaining momentum, more and more new protocols are evolving. Countless new coins are launched and even though the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks are still the most important ones, the number of blockchains in use is constantly growing. 

The requirements for certain protocols are diverging with the number of fields of application and as different protocols and networks have different use cases and therefore different structures and rules, the importance of interoperability is rising. It will not take long until blockchain is ready for mass adoption and it will be crucial to integrate many different protocols: Polkadot promises to be the solution.


The vision of a truly integrated blockchain space is shared by many of those who shape it. Many of them find themselves in the Polkadot Ambassador program. But how do you become an ambassador? How is the Polkadot ecosystem structured and what is the vision behind Polkadot? Irina Karagyuar, Head Ambassador for Western Europe will share her insights on the project in our next BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE show. 


Polkadot has a growing number of parachains – independent chains with their own token – and some of them are used for non-fungible tokens. NFT recently triggered a massive hype on digital art as a painting by digital artist beeple was sold for nearly 60 million Euro. But the field of application for NFT is nearly endless. But which role does NFT play in the Polkadot ecosystem? And what will NFT be used for in the future? Irina will give answers.


Do you want to find out more about Polkadot, its vision, ecosystem, and how Polkadot is working on the creation of a decentralized web? Then join the show on May 12, 2021, starting at 5 pm (CEST) / 3 pm (UTC). We will stream live on YouTube. Be part of the discussion by sending us your questions via Telegram or in the live chat. Notice the show by adding it to your calendar.

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