“FinTech wanted but never achieved to replace banks as value proposition is built on top of each other. Decentralized Finance is FinTech 2.0 with the big difference that it’s replacing the core infrastructure of finance and banking.Peter is a leader of the German fintech space and recently stepped up to bring DeFi to the masses with his new startup Unstoppable Finance. Meet Peter at the BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 and save your ticket here. We interviewed him about the future of blockchain and his vision.

Peter Großkopf - Speaker at Blockchance Europe 2021

What must happen for blockchain to improve our future?

Blockchain is still a very technical topic. Most community members have a computer science background. They build products from techies for techies. We need to start building products that are accessible for a wider range of users to drive mass adoption.

Do you see a risk of regulations inhibiting the potential of blockchain?

Regulation is not necessarily something bad as it’s something positive to protect customers and give them some guarantees. Still, I see a few concerning developments e.g. when it comes to taxation of staking and yield farming in Germany. If we proceed to extend the holding period of staked cryptos to 10 years, many industry leaders and customers will move to other jurisdictions. Germany is currently a leading country in Europe. It might lose its stake. 

What will the world in ten years look like?

Hopefully more decentralized! 🙂 Blockchain and decentralization enables the development of micro economies. Potentially they can become a building block for any human being to generate passive income and to compensate for earnings that get lost in all industries as automation will continue (“Bedingungsloses Volkseinkommen”).

What motivates you to be a speaker at the Blockchance conference?

It’s great to share a view in the industry and discuss it with participants. There is still so much to learn. 


Peter Großkopf is a dazzling personality of the German Fintech and blockchain space. Co-founding the white-label banking solution Solarisbank and managing the blockchain activities of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange at BSDEX as CTO he had a huge part in bringing Germany back on the fintech map. Meet Peter at the upcoming BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference, where she will hold a keynote speech on tokenization of stocks and his new startup Unstoppable Finance! Get your ticket here and take a deep dive into the universe of future technologies.

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