Author: Eric Holst

BlockchanceX’s mission is to educate the next ten thousand Blockchain entrepreneurs at universities. Our next venue will be at Nova Business School in Lisbon, in partnership with the student-led Nova Blockchain club.

What an incredible week it has been for our industry

Many are hurt, frustrated, and in shock. Some might leave our wonderful Blockspace, and others are doubling down to follow through with their mission, no matter what!

Here is our proof of commitment: we are excited to announce that our mission to educate the next ten thousand student entrepreneurs is not slowing down!

Another venue for our BlockchanceX event will be in early May 2023 in Lisbon and organized together with our partners of the Blockchain Club from Nova Business School.

Last week we were on our way to the Lisbon Blockchain conference at Nova Business School, to announce our joint conference for next year.

But just a few hours before our early departure to Lisbon, we learned the shocking revelations about how FTX disaster and the fallout.

Initially, I felt uneasy to represent the industry to a new generation of promising blockchain entrepreneurs at the Nova Business School, which educated talented students to become industry leaders.

I was also worried that no one would show up at the Lisbon Blockchain Conference, which ended a series of fantastic runner-up events in Lisbon in the days before, such as the web summit and Solana BreakPoint.

But none of the shock and negativity was present in Lisbon. 

The organizers and the Blockchain Nova team were unstoppable in their enthusiasm, the speakers undaunted in their course, and the interest of the audience unchanged. 

All speakers and the conference managed to show that there are many more people with integrity in the industry than without. Also, it is very worth pursuing a career in this industry, for which it is necessary to really nail the fundamentals, to be empowered in differentiating illegitimate projects and individuals, from real builders.

Lisbon has proven in the last few years to offer a mix of ingredients that were well sought after for startups: an abundance of young talent, affordable offices and housing market, a network of companies, and investors searching for opportunities beyond the established hubs.

Besides ticking those boxes, it offers a great quality of life, especially for coffee lovers, surfers, and those who miss getting into the sun after a day in the office.

Every good community is built from the bottom up. The fantastic Nova Blockchain Club has shown that their entrepreneurial skills are very well put into use to build connections with important supporters from within the University and local startup ecosystem. Present at LBC were…

What can you expect from LBC&BCx? 

Same as in Bocconi, we will bring a high-quality roster of speakers and companies to Nova in the first weeks of May 2023.

Nova has sharp minds for economics, management, finance, impact entrepreneurship, international development & public policy, law, and programs for executive masters in innovation and financial markets. Those are the kind of talent we need to grow our sector while abiding by our core values.

Do you want to grow the Lisbon Blockspace ecosystem? Then reach out to us on LinkedIn or __e-mail__ to become an educator, speaker, mentor, developer, academic, or sponsor. We´re happy to get to know you and send you our info package.

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