BLOCKCHANCE, organizer of Central Europe’s leading blockchain conference, launches the talk show format BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE. It is worldwide broadcast via Moderator Sönke Mißfeld will guide the guests through the kick-off event on 7 October 2020 from 5-6pm (CET). The topic is: What are the connections between Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Among all spectators a ticket for the BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 conference worth 300€ will be raffled. Further information on  

The kick-off event will focus on the exciting question, “Who owns the infrastructure? What would change if there were not just a few companies collecting and trading your data, but if everyone was able to monetize their data?”. Invited are Manan Patel, developer and manager at Ocean Protocol (formerly at Porsche, Deutsche Bank etc.), Ragnar Kruse successful series founder and managing director at AI Invest and Dr. Klaus Holthausen, founder of TEAL AI.

BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE offers a platform to inform and discuss current developments in the field of blockchain. Every first Wednesday of the month, BLOCKCHANCE invites pioneers, developers, innovators, investors, politicians and other stakeholders to discuss a topic defined by our community. This is where personalities come together who inspire with new insights, work on solutions to today’s major problems and have a strong vision for the future of the sector.

The main topic is the socio-economic change that the world is facing due to the block chain innovation wave.

After each BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE, the key arguments and findings are summarized. The results are published in the BLOCKCHANCE Blog at and in social media channels. The show will also be available on YouTube

The follow-up event on November 7, 2020 will be about United Nations SDGs, the beginning of a new era and how to hack the planet with blockchain technology. Guests include Marc Buckley, a United Nation SDG consultant and World Economic Forum member, Brian Islie, the founder and CEO of Slavefreetrade and Alyze Sam, founder and board member of WomenInBlockchain and co-founder of Give Nation.

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What makes blockchain technology so special?

We live in a world in which the availability of and control over data in business, politics and private life are important factors for security and independence. Blockchain technology can give us back control of it by enabling us to guarantee the integrity, availability and authenticity of data in the public domain. This algorithmic trust engine can lead us into a world of justice, transparency and equality. Through the new paradigm of cooperation and new forms of decentralized organization, we have a tool to solve the great problems of humanity. In a world of block chains, cooperation is more effective than competition. This will lead to a restructuring and an upswing in our society, our institutions and our economic systems. Together we can create the basis for a new world.

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