BLOCKCHANCE is all about visionary thought leaders and shapers of our future. Today we can announce someone as a speaker for the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference who is outstanding – even in the group of famous US Tech-CEOs. He is a pioneer in using data to create a business model in the early days of the internet and today as one of the first to ride the crypto-wave and hold bitcoin as treasury at MicroStrategy: Michael Saylor.

The early days of Michael Saylor’s career

Michael’s professional life began with his enrollment at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Joining the Theta Delta Chi fraternity he quickly became friends with his future Co-Founder Sanju Bansal. He finished his studies in 1987, with a double major in aeronautics and astronautics; and science, technology, and society. After two steps at major consulting firms where he was responsible for computer models to anticipate change in key markets, Michael took the shot and did what brought him to where he is today: he founded MicroStrategy with Sanju Bansal.

MicroStrategy – a pioneer in business intelligence 

MicroStrategy is a pioneer in the field of business intelligence software. Started as a company for data mining the value of data laid already in the core of the business model of the young founders. After winning a contract with McDonald’s where MicroStrategy should develop software to measure the success of promotions, Michael built the foundation of his success by declaring business intelligence software as the new strategic core of MicroStrategy. It just took a decade from the founding date until MicroStrategy went public in 1998, making Michael Saylor one of the wealthiest men in the D.C. area. What followed was a long time of success for Michael and MicroStrategy. He was honored with multiple awards for his visionary work and became a renowned Tech-CEO.

First steps into the crypto-world

The 2017 bitcoin hype cycle took just a couple of months. In 2018, it was suddenly over. The prices dropped, and it seemed the revolutionary idea of a decentralized currency was dead. But after two years of sideways movement the price of bitcoin started to move up again in 2020 – slowly but steady. Blockchain technology and bitcoin received more and more attention but still from mostly geeky communities: the large corporations, banks, governments, and regulatory authorities around the world still stated that Bitcoin was just for criminal activities, a scam, and will not be successful. That was the time when Michael achieved something most successful pioneers only do once in their life: he became a pioneer again. As one of the first large corporations and tech companies, he started a wave that is nothing less than the beginning of mass adoption of bitcoin! 

The announcement of bitcoin treasury at MicroStrategy

In July 2020 Michael Saylor announced his intention to explore alternative assets for MicroStrategy instead of Cash and bought 21,454 Bitcoin in August 2020. In December MicroStrategy already acquired 70,470 Bitcoin and an average price of $15,964. Not far after Michael’s announcement more and more companies shifted their minds and started their engagement in the crypto space boosting the price of bitcoin to new all-time highs every week. As the price reached nearly $60.000 in April 2021 his engagement paid out. Michael is one of the most passionate advocates of bitcoin treasury making him a dazzling personality of the crypto space.

Michael Saylor at BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021

We are all about inspiration at BLOCKCHANCE. Not only does Michael inspire us again and again with his work, but he inspired many CEOs and thought leaders to follow his lead and start their work with bitcoin. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome Michael to our next conference, December 2-4, 2021. He is giving a 45min fire-side chat on the opening day. Get your ticket here. 

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