Even though the bitcoin reached new spheres, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. We want to say thank you for the support during this time.

Many countries are facing a second lockdown and still it is a time of uncertainty for many businesses. If there is one thing we know for sure it’s that the times will get better and the blockchain is here to stay. For us 2020 begun with the preparations for BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2020, our conference that was supposed to take place last September. It shortly became clear that we had to postpone the conference. Since then, our BLOCKCHANCE family grew not only with new team members but also new investors that strongly believe in our vision. 

In October we started our new live broadcasted show BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE where we invite leading experts to discuss the developments of blockchain, AI and green technology. The raising number of corona-cases in Europe also led us to the decision of postponing the conference to July 2021 – a decision that was actually quite easy to make as we will have the same location, same speakers and most importantly the same spirit but this time with summer weather. We love our hometown Hamburg and we are very happy to show it to you in the best time of the year. 

We also found new partners and Blockchance will widen its focus to AI and Sustainability. For us blockchain, AI and other future technologies are the technological basis for a more sustainable economical and ecological future. We want to share the vast potential of these technologies with everyone and want to take part in fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In conclusion: 2020 has been an exciting year with many ups and downs. But ff we look back at it in 10 years we will remember a year in which hundreds of wonderful blockchain projects started and many people understood the vast potential of blockchain for the first time.

We want to thank you, our partners, community, team and our families for this year and we wish you a merry Christmas!

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