BLOCKCHANCE ONLINE LIVE is a monthly online broadcasted talk show that brings together industry leaders and innovative speakers to discuss new ideas and concepts regarding Blockchain, AI and Sustainable future technologies.

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Industry leaders & innovators

Once a month we will invite thought leader, developers, innovators, investors, politicians and other industry stakeholders to show new insights, solutions and a positive vision for the future.

Every first Wednesday a Month

Connect with us on our Telegram, Twitter and Reddit channels to suggest future LIVE topics. The event will happen every first Wednesday of the month and broadcasted at LinkedIn Live.

Published articles on Social media

After each show, we will write an article summarizing the show. The results will be published on our blog and social media channels. The Meetup will be also available on YouTube and as a podcast.


Sönke Mißfeld, Hamburg

With his charming manner and positive energy, Sönke guides the guests through the show and asks questions which are really meaningful.



Evolution of Democracy: E-Voting, Governance and Blockchain

December 2, 2020, 5PM (CET) / 4PM (UCT), online 

What DecentraVote is, how it works and why not only blockchain is crucial for governance but also governance for blockchain, you will find out in the next BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE show with:

Max Emanuel Schwarzer, PhD candiate at TU Dortmund University and IT Research & Development at DACHSER SE.

Kristian Borkert, founder of JURIBO legal & consulting, co-author of the Blockchain Strategy for Baden Württemberg 

Zoltan Fazekashead of Blockchain Lab at iteratec GmbH, member of the Bloxberg network and initiator of DecentraVote



The Beginning of a new Era

November 4, 2020, 5PM (CET) / 4PM (UCT), online 


How to hack the planet? Can blockchain technology be helpful to fulfill the UN Social Development Goals by solving the biggest problems of our times?

Marc Buckley, United Nation SDG Advocate and WEF member
Brian Islie, founder and CEO at slavefreetrade
Alyze Sam, co-founder at Give Nation and chair at Women in Blockchain