Katharina Gehra is a leading expert for investment and ESG in the blockchain space. Furthermore, she is Co-Founder and CEO at Immutable Insight. With Immutable Insight, she offers a scientific approach to the analysis of blockchain projects. Katharina also has been nominated as an expert on the subject of blockchain for parliamentary hearings at the German Bundestag. Moreover, she belongs to the “Top 40 under 40” – a ranking by the German business magazine Capital.

Katharina Gehra´s career

Katharina Gehra’s career began in the consulting and banking industry, at Commerzbank and Boston Consulting Group. She then worked for four years for the private equity firm Interritus, from where she observed the rapid changes in the crypto scene. In early 2019, she switched sides and founded the startup Immutable Insight with physicist Volker Winterer and data specialist Giyun Jeong. In the same year, she became Co-Author of the prestigious blockchain podcast Block52 and a Supervisory Board Member at Fürstlich Castell’sche Bank, Credit-Casse AG. Since January 2020, Katharina has been managing Blockchainfonds, the first BaFin registered crypto hedge fund in Germany. Blockchainfonds is one of many proofs that Katharina Gehra is a real pioneer in the blockchain space.

What Immutable Insight is about

Immutable Insight is a provider of highly commercially relevant investment and blockchain application insights. These take place on the Ethereum blockchain and are based on complex physics and innovative scientific methods. Based on mathematically and physically reliable generated evaluations, the startup guarantees insights that no one else has. Immutable insight’s products include investment research, valuation inputs, and scientifically proven insights on how blockchain markets and users interact. Based on such analytical insights, the startup also provides consulting services to businesses. These clients are from the crypto space or companies, looking to expand their traditional business models to distributed ledger models. Exclusive, efficient, and customized executive education programs are also offered for board members, senior executives, and investors. In this way, Immutable Insight promotes the development of understanding of the threats and real opportunities of the emerging blockchain industry. With Blockchainfonds by Immutable Insight, Germanys first BaFin registered crypto trading hedge fund was built.

BLOCKCHANCE Europe conference 2021

Katharina Gehra is a highly ambitious, experienced, and inspiring person. She recently shared her view on the alleged contradiction of blockchain and sustainability, ESG, and how blockchain can prevent greenwashing on our BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE show. To catch a glimpse of her vision, check out our show on YouTube or read the related article in our blog. Meet Katharina at the upcoming BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference, where she will hold a keynote speech on institutional investor opportunities! Get your ticket here and take a deep dive into the universe of future technologies.

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