William Soriano is congressman of El Salvador. In this BLOCKCHANCE 2021 keynote, he is speaking about the Bitcoin nation El Salvador, Joseph Lubin is in a fireside chat with Astrid from Handelsblatt at BLOCKCHANCE 2021, talking about ConsenSys, NFTs, Ethereum and the whole crypto ecosystem.

Joseph is a forward-thinker and a truly dazzling personaility of the whole blockchain space. Joseph was a co-founder of Ethereum and served as Chief Operating Officer of Ethereum Switzerland GmbH (EthSuisse), a company working to extend the capabilities of the type of blockchain database first popularized by Bitcoin The new generation of distributed crypto-secure databases with smart contract functionality has been referred to as “Blockchain 2.0”. Lubin was also involved in the creation of the Ethereum Foundation. He subsequently founded ConsenSys in 2015 where he still serves as CEO.

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