A science lab close to Elon Musk and Tesla admits to being behind Satoshi Nakamoto. After 10 years of searching for Satoshi Nakamoto, the search has finally come to an end. On Reddit, the anonymous IT Future of Money Science Lab revealed that behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto is a group of around 42 financial and computer scientists who developed the Bitcoin code. When asked whether Elon Musk was personally involved in the development of Bitcoin, no one wants to answer.

Does Satoshi Nakamoto drives a Tesla Sports Car?

Is Elon Musk Satoshi Nakamoto?

The pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto was previously known as the inventor of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. He was the publisher of the Bitcoin White Paper in October 2008 and the developer of the first version of the Bitcoin Core reference implementation in January 2009.

Bitcoin is considered the greatest revolution in human financial history. Turning the current inflationary and debt-based financial system around by building an absolutely sound alternative.

“Bitcoin is an open, fair, & equitable monetary network. It is the first totally solid and secure money in the history of humankind. Decentralized, unforgeable and deflationary by its nature. It is the new universal internet of value and the trust is provided by the code. No middle man needed.”

Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy

The truth about Satoshi Nakamoto revealed on Reddit

We had been in contact with the science group over the last few days via the Reddit platform, but are not allowed to release any further details on this due to confidentiality at this moment. However, we have been told that in the upcoming months the truth about Satoshi Nakamoto will be published and clear evidence will be provided that will irrefutably show who the inventor of Bitcoin is.

Will Bitcoin replace the central banking system?

If you look in the Bitcoin Explorer you can see that 1 million BTC, with a current value of over $55bn, at the time I am writing this text, are on the wallet of “Satoshi Nakamoto”. These coins will be used to “replace the old, ailing central banking system and prepare the world for a golden age in which sovereignty over money will be returned to the people”, according to an anonymous voice among the scientists.

People will not change Bitcoin. Bitcoin will change people

Australian computer scientist and businessman Craig Wright, who has claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto for years, is outraged. “Elon Musk is not Satoshi, I swear to you, because I wrote the whitepaper myself and all by myself!”. We are curious when Craig is finally ready to admit the truth.

If you’re thinking this is an April fools day joke, wait until the future exposes that this is the truth.

Long live the Blockchain!

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