In this new world driven by open innovation and technology, a team of “serial entrepreneurs” with 200+ years of complementary experience has created Hoverture Europe, a symphony of prime technology companies joined by different and strong experiences, capabilities, and talents creating End2End Applied Innovation to change the rules of the game and enable new businesses! Hoverture is a European Google Premier Partner, offering vertical industry expertise. Last December, Hoverture contributed to our vision of a fair, sustainable and decentralized future as our official sponsor at BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021. Check out what Hoverture has to say about Blockchance Europe 2021.

How Hoverture perceived BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021

We are delighted to have experienced BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 together with you. The event was an excellent opportunity to immerse ourselves in the blockchain universe: we live in a world where the availability and control of data in economics, politics, and private life are essential prerequisites for freedom, security, and independence. Blockchain technology can give us back control over sensitive data by guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of data in the public domain.

The event permitted us to delve into pertinent topics and interact with a community of people—true thought leaders and visionaries—to debate how we can shape the world of tomorrow, making the future of blockchain secure, positive, and sustainable.

Thank you for your interest in our “HoverChain” solution, a comprehensive End 2 End platform that combines the expertise and capabilities of 5 different companies. Designed to ensure successful and seamless support for companies as they adopt game-changing technologies, it allows you to engage your customers and manage them through a secure and digital lifecycle embedded in the blockchain.

The main benefits that our solution offers are:

  • Connect anything anywhere fast. Its high speed enables an exceptional use of the cloud on any device, lower latency that allows remote action to perform in real-time, and finally, a large capacity, enabling the connection “on-the-grid” of anything with a sensor.
  • Support most valuable tasks. AI capabilities process data, analyze trends, and provide forecasts. An enhanced customer experience helps generate customized messages. Increase efficiency by delegating repetitive tasks to AI-powered RPA.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs. Encounter fewer operational issues since our solution is fully managed and completely scalable upon your needs without any upfront cost. Secure By Design, it uses the latest technologies and tools to protect your data and business.
  • Certify & guarantee virtually anything. Generate trust between any supply chain actors in any industry while ensuring that transactions can’t be modified/deleted through immutability. Track the origins of a variety of items and confirm that they’re legit and not counterfeit.


IIn our last conference, we were delighted to announce renowned pioneers and absolute experts in their fields as speakers. Lots of knowledge was shared, learnings were made, and possible futures were visualized. Since then, our team has been diligently uploading the keynotes to our YouTube channel. Check them out and take a deep dive into the blockchain universe. Furthermore, tickets for BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2023 are available on our website now. Get your ticket here and learn more about what our great future can look like and how you can contribute to it.

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