Great news from the Blockchain metropolis Hamburg: Fintech startup Finexity is now making its platform for asset tokenisation available to other companies as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Finexity has opened its tokenisation platform, which was launched in early 2019, to third parties, the company announced in a press release earlier this month.

Via a “Kern Module”, interested companies could integrate digital issues into their own web presence and thus use Finexity’s complete digital subscription process.

Finexity will take over the identification and an “individual appropriateness check”, provide all accompanying digitally signed contract documents and will issue digital shares in the form of tokens after successful financing.

Investors will have access to a digital wallet for their own safekeeping of the security tokens, such as tokenised bonds, as well as solutions for the payment of capital gains tax.

In addition, Finexity helps issuers with contact management and communication via a CRM (Customer Resource Management) module with complete proof of overall communication.

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