Jürgen has been supporting us since 2019. He is the Chief Editor at c’t magazin and thereby at one of the best sources of technological innovations and different opinions about them. Moreover, his career has led him to a lot of valuable experience in this space. 

“We are Europe’s biggest IT and tech magazine.”, Jürgen Rink

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 His career path

Jürgens career began with a PhD in Physics 1993, followed by postdoc positions at Oxford University, Imperial College London and in Marseille. Just three years later, in 1996 he started working as a professional journalist for various magazines. After working as an editor in the mobile computing department at c’t for five years he became the Executive Editor. In June 2010 he took over the Chief Editorship of c´t special edition and c´t photography.

Since 2017, Jürgen is Chief Editor of Europe’s biggest IT and tech magazine, c’t magazin. He has been supporting us for the last three years, inter alia, by leading insightful panel discussions at the BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 conference.

More about Jürgen Rink

For some time now, Jürgen has been moderating the “Q&A-Sessions” format for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the “Innovationsland Deutschland” (Germany as a country of innovation) campaign. The ambition of this campaign is to make innovation more tangible through personal stories. Innovations do not only come from universities and laboratories, but from every area of public life. Through the central point of contact, the innovationsland-deutschland.de portal, the innovators themselves have their say. In the form of video reports, interviews or magazine articles, Germany’s most imaginative minds tell their stories. These innovators can be environmental activists, civil engineers, doctors fighting Corona and more . The stories give us courage to become innovative and creative. Regular events, such as the mentioned “Q&A-sessions”, also offer the opportunity to get actively involved.

Jürgen also is a member of the digitalRat.niedersachsen, which has been appointed by the state government of Lower Saxony to shape the digital transformation. This council consists of 18 personalities representing the fields of politics, business, associations, science and research, media, education, ethics, labour and consumer protection.

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Dr. Jürgen Rink is a very experienced expert with deep knowledge of technology and innovations that could influence our future massively. These strengths combined with his great capability of understanding many different opinions regarding a lot of topics, make him the perfect person to lead panel discussions in our BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 conference.

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