Evan Luthra – the Indian star investor, billionaire, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur tells in his interview at the #Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019 about how blockchain technology changes the world of today and tomorrow and as well about his career and success story.

“The best way to predict the future is – go and build it.”

At this year’s Blockchance Conference he was not only the speaker but also the donor of a €50,000 Startup Award. At the upcoming #Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2020 #BC20 he will even donate a €100,000 award! More info soon at www.blockchance.eu

The #Blockchance Conference is Germany’s largest blockchain event and one of the leading in Europe. www.blockchance.eu Evan Luthra is the CEO of Startup Studio and IYOKO: www.evanluthra.com / www.startupstudio.online / www.iyoko.io
Contact him: [email protected]

Channel: Blockchain History Camera/Edit: Til Schlenker Editorial: Albert Peci

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