Crypto funds in the millions are being donated to actively support Ukrainian civilians and tackle the humanitarian crisis. In this article, you’ll learn how the crypto world supports through donations and fundraising efforts. At the end of the article, we’ll highlight how you can help and which charity organizations need donations.

Donations of millions in cryptocurrencies

The current war between Russia and Ukraine is causing a humanitarian crisis. To manage this crisis, people’s unity as well as donations to aid organizations are of major importance. After Ukrainian officials directly asked for crypto donations and also Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Federov shared the crypto wallet data, several hundreds of donations already came from the crypto space within 24 hours. Blockchain analytics company Elliptic announced that within the first few days, the equivalent of more than 12 million euros in anonymous donations in Bitcoin, Etherum and other cryptocurrencies had already been collected to support Ukrainian civilians. Over 4000 transactions reached the government and civil society organizations. The highest single donation was the equivalent of 2.6 million euros. Current estimates even put the current donation volume at 37 million US dollars in Bitcoin and Co.

Crypto world leaders support fundraising appeals

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin started the UkraineDAO campaign, where profits will be donated to Ukrainian civilians, referencing the website of The Return Alive foundation. Tron founder Justin Sun also shared several posts on Twitter in support of the ongoing fundraising efforts. He also announced that he donated $200,000 to Ukraine in Tron to do his part to help manage the humanitarian crisis. The founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX Sam Bankman-Fried announced that $25 will be given to every Ukrainian in the account. Also, the founder and CEO of Celsius Alex Mashinsky announced to donate $25 in Ether to each Ukrainian user of the Celsius network. A much more generous donation was sent by Mashinsky by sending a total of 126 tokens to the Ukrainian wallet, which is equivalent to about $352,000 at current prices. Another interesting twist is the use of NFT’s. In a humanitarian relief effort by Reli3f on Friday, for example, more than $1 million was raised through an NFT collection that sold out in 30 seconds. About this huge support from the crypto scene, Changpeng Zhao from Binance says : “This is where blockchain shines, global fundraising.”

How can you help?

There are several ways to support Ukrainian civilians. We have provided you with a brief selection of the different options through which you could do your part to support Ukrainian civilians.

  1. Host a Sister: This is a global community where women can offer safe housing to other women. Women in particular struggle with becoming victims of sexual violence or human trafficking while fleeing.

  1. Host4Ukraine: A platform where refugee Ukrainians can be offered safe housing.

  1. Angels for Ukraine: A family from Hamburg, Germany, that provides humanitarian aid on the Ukrainian border through donations of relief supplies. They also accept donations through bitcoin.

  1. Caritas: An international aid organization that provides meals and places to sleep for refugees, as well as caring for people traumatized by war.

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