The BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference will be postponed to December 2-4. All ticket holders can use their already bought tickets for the conference in December. 

The conference will not be forgone

As Germany’s leading blockchain technology conference with trade fair, the BLOCKCHANCE conference offers you a broad adventure in the space of digital assets, AI, green technology and sustainability. Right now everyone has witnessed that the world is upside down, going through constant changes every day. Our wish is to ensure you the broad BLOCKCHANCE experience we stand for, which is a promise we cannot give this summer, due to the current uncertainty of what the next month holds. Because of that, we plan to wait for a wide relaxation of the situation. Therefore, together with our partners, we have decided to postpone the conference which was supposed to take place in July to December 2 until 4. 

We are really looking forward to being able to celebrate the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference with you this year to the full extent. The Location and Agenda will all stay the same. The only difference apart from the date is that we have added a joint stroll through the famous Hamburger Christmas Market to the program. We are very proud of showing you the city at this time of the year, walking through the streets full of colourful lights with a hot drink in the hand and the scent of German baking art in the air, showing you the season as beautiful as it can be. 

BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 meets Hamburg Christmas Market
BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 meets Hamburg Christmas Market

BLOCKCHANCE looking towards the future

Many things we used to refer to as impossible not long ago are currently normal. The world’s community is working together, overcoming one of the greatest crises in human history, which is where the decentralized blockchain technology of trust and cooperation comes in. This gives us hope, making us strong and encouraging us to realize BLOCKCHANCE with even more passion. We thank our sponsors such as  Æternity, Bloxxter, AI.Hamburg, TEN31, Börse Stuttgart, Bison, IBM, iteratec, EY, Osborne Clarke and Schiefer & Co, who are going through these crazy times together with us and have supported us for 1,5 years. Of course, all ticket holders can use their already bought tickets for the conference in December. A refund is also possible for the next two months by logging into Universe and claiming a refund. 

The whole world is living rapid change, so does BLOCKCHANCE. With BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE we are giving the community a new chance for debating about the new evolving era and sharing opinions. It is a regular live-talkshow on YouTube and LinkedIn concerning blockchain, AI, sustainability and more, in which experts and pioneers discuss current trends and developments and share their vision of our future. The crazy situation we are living in has been allowing us to put a stronger focus on our BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE show, giving the community deep and valuable insights into the tech space and our future. We are very much looking forward to continuing this project with awesome experts discussing hot topics. Further great BLOCKCHANCE projects, such as the BLOCKCHANCE Academy and Crypto Castle Hackathon are in progress, too. Join our Telegram here to stay up to date. 

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