“2021 is the year for Tokenization of Digital Assets and it will be great to showcase a real world example”, Matt Dyer

Matt Dyer is an experienced consultant who is passionate about the digital economy. He loves to share his knowledge and experience on why he feels blockchain technology is an enabler for business transformation. Matt has high hopes from the promises of a blockchain based economy and the tokenization of assets. His work for the next generation blockchain Zilliqa makes him an expert for future fields of application of blockchain.

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More about Matt Dyer

Matt has been the Head of Sales and Marketing at Zilliqa since December 2020. Here he works across the commercial technology and marketing divisions to make Zilliqa self-sustainable. His primary job is to generate commercial opportunities that make sense for the blockchain´s ecosystem and tokenomics. Zilliqa is a public high-performance blockchain platform for enterprises and applications, which addresses limitations in scalability and security.

Matt holds a MSc. in information technology from Robert Gordon University and a BSc. from University of St. Andrews in Scotland. He is a sharp thinking and charismatic leader with a global mindset. Furthermore he brings over 18 years of enterprise expertise from both the sales and the go-to market perspective. 

Matt, tokens and whiskey

All in all, tokenization is a digital certification process of the ownership of something. Theoretically it is possible to tokenize anything, whether it is goods, physical objects or rights. The ownership of these things can be caught on a blockchain. Holding assets as tokens on such a decentralized data bank has many advantages. First of all, digital assets don’t need banks, stock exchanges, intermediaries and brokers, which makes the transaction handling by far quicker and cheaper. There are no bank transfers needed, which usually take several days and the technology guarantees transparent transmission of one’s funds, due to digital traceability. All transactions are recorded transparently, immutable, traceable and accessible at all times for all parties involved, in real time. 

These are just some examples why the tokenization of assets is playing a more and more important role for our community. Products containing limited editions, such as sneakers and whiskey have turned out to be a crisis resistant asset class. Zilliqa tokenized a rare whisky collection recently with the title “Casks of Distinction”. This gives accredited investors the chance to own a part of these previously illiquid assets. When the whiskey is being bottled, investors can receive their cash value or alternatively a bottle of whiskey for a token. Learn more about the function and efficiency of this process in Matt´s keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 conference.


Matt chose a very exciting topic for this Keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 conference. Be there, when he presents a digital assets case study on the tokenization of Scottish whisky barrels. Get your tickets here, win an impression of some of our speakers on our YouTube or join us on Telegram, Twitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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