The numbers of people becoming aware of blockchain technology, digital assets and more are increasing immensely, resulting in a lot of deep dives into the tech space. Julio Faura is not just someone who took a quick dive into the space. He has been wandering through that universe for more than 20 years, running his career along the worlds of technology and financial services. In the year 2020, the Technology Innovators Magazine included Julio in the top 25 Blockchain Technology CEOs list.

Julio Faura portrait

Julio Faura´s career

Bringing more than 20 years of experience in the tech-universe and financial services, Julio now focuses on digital assets, blockchain and distributed ledgers. He specializes in its applications for financial institutions, public institutions, and enterprises. Previously, he worked for 6 years at McKinsey & Co, serving top financial institutions globally. McKinsey & Co is the worldwide leading management consultancy for top management. After that, he worked at Santander for 11 years. As a key expert on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and distributed ledgers, Julio had been leading Santander´s activities around this space for years and led the creation of many relevant industry consortia. As proposer and builder of Santander’s crypto-currencies technical lab, he implemented production blockchain platforms for real-time international payments, capital markets, digital identity, and others. 

Adhara – how to leverage smart contracts for the optimization of payments

In July 2018, Julio became a full-time entrepreneur and CEO of Adhara. Adhara seeks to help financial institutions and corporates leverage smart contracts and blockchain to improve the execution of international payments and optimize liquidity management. The company works closely with Fnality, partnering to build the new digital settlement layers for financial market infrastructures based on tokenized central bank money. The vision of Adhara is Liquidity management and international payments for decentralised financial networks. The company achieves these goals with real-time solutions for multi-currency global liquidity management, FX, and international payments, based on tokenized money over a smart contract-enabled, decentralized ledger.

Julio Faura – an enrichment for the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference

Julio Faura was the founding chairman of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the chairman of Spain’s Alastria network, a member of the board of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, and one of the original promoters of the Utility Settlement Coin project. Moreover, he was an advisor to start-ups, corporates, and regulatory bodies regarding blockchain technology. Julio holds a degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering from UAM-Spain and a MSc in Management of Technology from the renowned Sloan Business School at MIT. Besides his other qualities, Julio brings together three very valuable things. Expertise in both, the tech- and finance space and 20 years of experience in the space, making him an incredibly competent speaker at the BLOCKCHANCE Europe 2021 conference.

BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 | December 08-10 | Hamburg, Germany
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