“Blockchain still is the future in the enterprise business to improve transparency, trust, collaboration and resiliency within global supply chains.”, Christian Schultze-Wolters

Christian is Industry Business Development Executive HEALTH DACH at IBM since January 2021. Prior to that, he was the lead for IBM’s blockchain business in Germany, Austria & Switzerland, driving solutions and individual projects across all industries. Christian did not just gain experience by learning about blockchain technology, he oversaw the delivery of its values for enterprises. He brings more than 25 years of sales experience at IBM, leading different sales teams in a national and international environment. 

Christian Schultze-Wolters presenting
Photo: Sandra Kral

A future with Christian

For a century, IBM has been innovating and actively promoting the development of new technologies by, inter alia, investing heavily in research. Due to their complete range of hardware, software and services, they can offer their customers the entire spectrum of IT solutions. With new innovations and technologies, such as blockchain technology, our future can be influenced in a great way. A new level of trust between different parties can be reached as well as an increase in speed, transparency and security. One use case example is following the supply chain of a mango, offered at Walmart. Without IBM‘s blockchain technology, it took the company seven days to find out which path a specific mango had gone through in the supply chain. Using blockchain technology, all this information would be accessible within seconds. Furthermore, this data would be unforgeable and build, in combination with all-time transparency, the mentioned new level of trust. Another best-case example for a future with Christian and IBM is TradeLens. It is a cooperation project by shipping giant Maersk and IBM using IBM‘s blockchain technology. TradeLens enables the creation of digital supply chains and their coordination. Therefore, different trading partners can collaborate and share a common view of transactions and trade routes. The data collected includes information on the sender and recipient and the location of the shipment. Furthermore, due to the use of IoT and sensors, information on weight, temperature and other external influences can be determined. But there are many more values for enterprises coming from blockchain technology. Be there, when Christian talks about delivering such values for enterprises.


Christian Schultze-Wolters is an absolute expert in the space of Blockchain technology and its advantages for individual enterprises. Visit is Keynote at the BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 conference when he talks about his topic “BlockchainTechnology – delivering Values for Enterprises today and tomorrow” to learn more about this space. Get your tickets here, win an impression of some of our speakers on our YouTube or join us on Telegram, Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated.

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