Blockchance is all about inspiring people to become as enthusiastic about blockchain technology as we are. With our conference, live shows, and soonish an academy we want to inform about and explain real-world use cases and pave the way for mass adoption of this groundbreaking technology. From now on we also want to give a weekly overview of what happened in the blockchain world. This week with Ethereum in space, bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, and thousands of blockchain enthusiasts in Miami.



While the prices of cryptocurrencies recently took a break from their direction to space, Ethereum will be there soon. Last week SpaceChain revealed that they will launch an Ethereum node to space. On July 3rd the node will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in cooperation with Elon Musk’s SpaceX via the Falcon9 rocket. Nodes are used to verify transactions in the Ethereum blockchain. The launch impressively highlights that Ethereum is on its way to global acceptance. Also, it demonstrates that Elon Musk’s interest to push crypto and blockchain-based applications industry forward is not diminished even though Tesla won’t accept bitcoin as payment due to its high energy consumption anymore. Read more here.


The first time after the beginning of the pandemic a major in-person crypto conference took place. Last weekend thousands traveled to Miami to celebrate bitcoin and blockchain technology. And celebrating is the right word to describe the vibe of the largest bitcoin event in the world. With many attendees wearing festival outfits, a lot of drinks, and famous guests like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Michael Saylor, and world-famous boxer Floyd Mayweather, whipping up the crowd, the atmosphere was electric. For a few days, Miami turned into a hotspot for everything tech. With its promises of independence, decentralization, and automatization as well as the possibility of fast money, blockchain unites people from all backgrounds. We hope that Bitcoin 2021 marks the beginning of the post-pandemic time with many in-person events and community gatherings. And of course, there were some big announcements…


The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced Saturday in a video that he plans to submit a legislative approval that, if and when passed, would grant bitcoin the status of legal tender in his home country. It was probably one of the most exciting announcements at Bitcoin 2021 as El Salvador will be the first country worldwide to actually introduce bitcoin as legal tender. A giant step towards mass adoption. Since then, he’s tweeted about turning the country into a bitcoin paradise as well as stating that bitcoin could lead to an increase of El Salvador’s GDP by 25%. 

It was a great week for blockchain technology. Follow us for more exciting news and be part of the blockchain revolution by joining our BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 conference in Hamburg in December 2021. You can get tickets here.

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