BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE is a online broadcasted talk show strives to build bridges, spawn new collaborations and manifest trust across multiple branches, industries and organizations by debating about the new era of blockchain technology.


BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE provides a discussion platform to inform and discuss about current developments in the blockchain and DLT space. Once a month BLOCKCHANCE (later twice) we will invite thought leader, developers, innovators, investors, politicians and other stakeholders to discuss a topic defined by our community. Personalities who inspire with new insights, working on solutions and have a strong vision about the future of the field. 

The key arguments of the discussion will be published in an article afterwards

to enable a debate beyond the participants of the event. We are not looking for long and boring opinion-based chats, but for reasoned arguments and debates. 

Every first Wednesday

We will use our Telegram, Twitter and Reddit channels to collect topic suggestions. The event will happen every first Wednesday of the month with 3-5 speakers live broadcasted at After each BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE, we will write an article summarizing the key arguments. The results will be published on our blog and social media channels. The Meetup will be also available on YouTube and as a podcast

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