How to hack the planet? Can blockchain technology be helpful to fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals by solving the biggest problems of our times? BLOCKCHANCE Online Live will answer the question: with Marc Buckley, United Nations SDG Advocate and WEF member, Brian Iselin, CEO of slavefreetrade and Alyze Sam, co-founder at Give Nation and chair at Women in Blockchain

November 4, 2020, 5PM (CET) / 4PM (UCT), online 

A Vision for Humanity

17 goals, signed by 175 heads of state – the UN Sustainable Development Goals are a global vision for humanity. A utopia in which we create a world that is more peaceful, equal, healthy and free. And a world in which nature receives the protection it deserves. It is a vision that everyone agrees with, and yet its realization will be one of the greatest challenges in human history. 

Achieving these goals requires an elementary change in the way we live, work and consume. But what part can technology play in this? Is Blockchain technology playing an important role in the revolution we need? Can it help to save nature? End modern slavery? Bring education to every part of the world? Change our eating habits? To create the energy revolution? 

We believe so! How? This is what the experts in the second edition of BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE discuss together with our host Sönke Mißfeld. 

children in african school learning

Leading experts will share their experience

Our guests come from many different backgrounds, but they share the vision of fulfilling the SDGs and they are all fighting for it:

Marc Buckley is advocate for the UN’s SDG, member of the World Economic Forum, serial and social entrepreneur, multi board member for many social, sustainable und technology companies and organizations and lecturer for sustainable management. 

Brian Iselin is founder and CEO at slavefreetrade, creator of the world’s first distributed human source intelligence system that ensures human rights compliant goods & services. 10s of millions of people still labour in modern slavery. Slavefreetrade’s vision is a world in freedom!  

Alyze Sam is co-founder at Give Nation and chair at Women in Blockchain. Give Nation is a blockchain based teaching platform where kids are allowed to manage their funds and are playful learning altruism and philanthropy. The kids are rewarded with funds they can give to charity. 

You want to join? Add it to your calendar or directly join the live stream on Twitch. The previous shows can be found on YouTube.

Long live the Blockchain! 

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