Fake news spreading during the COVID-19 pandemic, contradictory statements on the US presidential elections or postponed party conventions. In the battlegrounds of today’s public opinion debates, misinformation, and distrust tend to become one of the biggest threats to modern democratic societies. To maintain trust in political institutions and democratic processes, we need new and more effective instruments to raise the acceptance for political decisions through transparency and direct participation.

Can Blockchain be the key technology to do so? BLOCKCHANCE Online Live will answer the question: with Zoltan Fazekas, founder of the iteratec Blockchain Lab, Max Emanuel Schwarzer, PhD Candidate at TU Dortmund and IT Research & Development at DACHSER SE and Kristian Borkert, founder of JURIBO legal & consulting.

Fighting fraud and restoring trust in the era of ubiquitous misinformation

In an era of eroding trust in nearly all areas of modern societies, centralized patterns of communication and decision-making are susceptible to systematic misinformation spread by political opponents or other forces. In order to create greater acceptance for voting and political decision-making, a promising approach can be found in decentralized governance.

A functional decentralized governance plays a crucial role in all blockchain networks and initiatives. Since their evolution is not controlled by a single person or entity, it requires consent of the members of the consortium or community. They need tools and processes for an efficient decision making. There are already quite a few examples that make use of the blockchain for voting. What can we learn from them?

Enabled by blockchain and distributed ledger technology these new forms of fraud-proof and fully transparent electronic voting might be able to restore trust by creating a completely new form of democratic participation. 

But what is decentralized governance? What are the opportunities? Where can it lead us to?

This is what the experts in the third edition of BLOCKCHANCE Online LIVE discuss together with our host Sönke Mißfeld

Leading experts will share their experience

Our guests come from many different backgrounds, sharing one common vision of an Evolution of Democracy, enabled by Blockchain-Technology:

  • Max Emanuel Schwarzer, PhD candidate at TU Dortmund University and IT Research & Development at DACHSER SE
  • Kristian Borkert, founder of JURIBO legal & consulting, co-author of the Blockchain Strategy for Baden Württemberg 
  • Zoltan Fazekas, founder of the iteratec Blockchain Lab, member of the Bloxberg blockchain consortium and initiator of DecentraVote, a Blockchain-based e-voting protocol for governing bodies 

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Long live the Blockchain!

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