Die BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 takes places December 02nd – 04th in Hamburg. Please find all information on the Sars-CoV-2 hygience concept here.

Blockchance Europe 2021

Under which conditions will BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 take place?

This year’s Blockchance conference will take place under application of the German 2G regulation. On site there are no capacity limits, no mask requirement and no distance requirement (as of 24.09.2021). Of course, Blockchance complies with all regulations in force at the time of the event. In addition to the requirements to be fulfilled, we ensure regular ventilation and set up air filtration systems in the premises and do everything possible to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

Who is allowed to attend the conference in consideration of the 2G regulation?

All participants of BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 must show proof of being fully vaccinated or having survived an infection. One is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after administration of the second vaccine dose (or the first in the case of the Johnsson & Johnsson vaccine). One is considered recovered for a period of 28 days to six months after a positive PCR test result. More information on categorization can be found here. Participation without appropriate proof (including presentation of an official identification document) is not possible.

What happens if I do not have proof?

Blockchance stands for inclusion in practice. We do not want to exclude anyone, but it is not possible to run the event economically while keeping a distance. Therefore, participation is excluded in this case. We would like to apologize in advance to all those who are therefore unable to participate, but unfortunately there is no other solution for us. Of course, all ticket-holders will get a full refund if they won’t be able to attend due to the regulation.

Is there a digital event?

Yes, BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 will take place hybrid. In addition to in-person participation, we allow virtual participation via the Whova App. There are extra heavilyv discounted virtual tickets for this. These include access to the network, the live stream of the event and the virtual trade show via the app.

If you have any questions about the hygiene concept or the 2G regulation, Konrad is always available for questions at [email protected]

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