Over the last 12 months, the Blockchain technology browser Brave has seen a 125% increase in monthly active users. Every day there are even 150% additional users.

With the Basic Attention Token (BAT) Brave has its own token. The ecosystem surrounding the BAT is growing even faster. Users have the possibility to do without advertising completely or to receive occasional advertising via push messages. For this you earn BATs. These BATs can either be tipped to the content creator or you can hodel them yourself. For this you have to register with the wallet provider Uphold.

The Google Chrome Alternative?

Brave is based on the same source code as the browser Chrome from Google. But unlike Google, Brave has a special focus on privacy. Popups, cookies and ads in videos are just as little part of Brave as trackers, which track the user across websites.

In terms of market share Brave does not yet play with the big players, above all industry leader Chrome. This has been installed – as of today – on over five billion end devices. In contrast, the number of Brave installations amounts to only ten million.

We wish the Brave Browser Team every success on their way and are very happy to have a new star alternativ.

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