Since March, the Bitcoin price (BTC) has risen over 100%. Today, it passed the infamous $8,000 mark. +5% in the last 24 hours alone. In a few days is halving. The bulls are back. #FOMO ?

After the market crash in March also led to massive slumps in futures trading, the current increase in trading volume indicates a gradual stabilization of market activity and demonstrates a growing interest among investors in crypto investments.

Analysts expect prices to rise in the coming 18 months after the halving of 1000% to 4000%. This is a typical share price increase that could also be observed in all past halvings.

Of course we have a very special setup in times of the Corona crisis (COVID-19), that’s clear. But especially now an inflation-proof investment is all the more important. The current crisis is exactly the scenario for which Bitcoin was created. Now it can play to its strengths,